To Chiayo’s OEM/ODM customers, we offer a complete solution with excellent technical support and quality control.

    Working as contract manufacturer with dependable product quality & lead time

    Designing and manufacturing products at very competitive costs;

    Helping upgrade or create product capabilities;

    Excellent technical support and quality control for stress free partnership.

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    Approved with International Certifications of ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001
    DCT-511 / DCR-511
    2.4G Digital Two-Way Tour Guide System
    2.4G Digital Two-Way Tour Guide System
    • Shouldn't taking a guided tour be an interactive experience? Allow your guests to interact with you and ask questions, not just a presentation.
    • Give them the full experience!
    • CHIAYO's new 2.4GHz two way tour guide system allows just that! Clients can simply push a button to ask a question!
    SDR-6200 IrDA
    UHF 2-way Synchronizing True Diversity Wireless Microphone System
    Infrared Wall-Mount Amplifier System
    Audio-Link Gooseneck Conference System
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