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  • Wireless portable amplifier
    Modulized Wireless Portable Sound System
    General Features
    • High efficiency Class-D amplifier produces 120W RMS audio output (maximum music output 150W)
    • All-In-One! Easy to operate in both indoors and outdoors.
    • Comes with various types of new receiver, repeater, MP3 player and Bluetooth modules.
    • Excellent aesthetic design built from a patented rugged aluminum enclosure.
    • Rechargeable lead acid batteries eliminate all cables so you can take it anywhere!
    • Smart charging circuit with LED indicator.
    • Speaker system: 10” full range coaxial speaker.
    • Integrated preamplifier, mixer and amplifier circuitry.
    • Anti-interference Pilotone circuitry delivers superior wireless reception.
    • Repeater transmitter module in combination with Challenger Slave speaker for extended operating distance.
    • Voice Priority circuitry automatically ducks music during speech.
    • SLAVE (active speaker) can have 1 or 2 receiver modules installed allowing it to function as an independent PA system
    • Wired Audio Link¡GSeveral SLAVEs can be linked through IN/OUT jacks to form a larger wired system.
    • Wireless Audio Link¡GRepeater transmitter enables wireless link between Challenger Master and Challenger Slave speakers. A larger system of several SLAVEs can be wirelessly linked using wireless built-in receiver/transmitter modules. No cables or wires at all!
    • Integrated retractable handle and wheels for easy portability.
    • Modules Available: CD/USB player, Digital video player/USB/SD player, Wireless Microphone Receiver , Repeater Transmitter, Bluetooth Receiver + Digital Player / Recorder.
    • Tripod stand mountable with ST-50 (standard)/ST-51 (wind-up).
    • Trolley Base (TB-50) for moving on rough surface.
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    Model? CHALLENGER 1000
    Output power¡@ 150W(Max), 120W(RMS),?4£[ load (class-D)
    Speaker system 10" full range
    Audio input¡@ Mic in (COMBO),?Line in (R/L)
    Audio output¡@¡@ Line out (R/L),?Active out,?External speaker
    T.H.D. < 0.5%
    Freq. response 50Hz-20KHz¡Ó3dB
    Antenna Built-in
    Power supply 90-260V AC, 24-32V DC/4A
    Battery type Lead-Acid
    Battery spec 12V/5A
    Battery Q'ty 2
    Operating time¡@ 5-6 hrs in music,?>10 hrs in speech
    Charging time about 6 hrs
    Dimension (mm) 500(H) x 350(W) x 300(D)
    Weight (kg) 17.7
    ** Remark: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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