CHALLENGER 1000 Portable Wireless PA System

CHALLENGER 1000Portable Wireless PA System

CHALLENGER 1000, CHIAYO's classic flagship PA amplifier and iF award winner, provides four module slots for installing receiver, transmitting, MP3 recorder player and Bluetooth modules, allowing you to operate multimedia and connect to active speakers for audio link that create a more powerful listening experience.
  • Louder and clear

    Louder and clear

    Built-in 200W class-D power amplifier drives 10” 3-way  full range speaker and easily satisfies the amplification requirement of large events with a 500-1000 crowd, bringing an unprecedented quality sound experience.

  • Easy setup

    Easy setup

    CHIAYO’s receiver module can quickly search for an interference-free working channel and operate channel synchronization with one click, easy and quick to set up, allowing users to enjoy excellent sound quality.

  • Move as you wish

    Move as you wish

    Ruggedly aluminum enclosure with integrated retractable handle, wheels and built-in batteries for easy portability, always being the focus wherever you go.


  • Flexible customization

    Flexible customization

    The multimedia functions are flexibly expandable based on the requirement of various applications, such as the receiver module of wireless microphone, MP3 recorder player, Bluetooth receiver and interlinking transmitter module.

  • Far reaching

    Far reaching

    Able to connect active and passive speakers to extend the coverage. Under the wireless audio interlinking mode, 1 to many, the coverage immediately doubles and all blind spots disappear.



  • Ruggedly aluminum enclosure.
  • 200W Class-D power amplifier
  • 10” 3-way  full range speaker.
  • Unique optional combination
    SLOT 1: Receiver module (SDR-8200/8100M IrDA/DWR-5410M).
    SLOT-2: Repeater (RP-5100M) or receiver (SDR-8200/8100M IrDA/DWR-5410M) module.
    SLOT 3: Receiver module (SDR-8200/8100M IrDA/DWR-5410M).
    SLOT 4: Receiver module (SDR-8200/8100M IrDA/DWR-5410M).
    SLOT 5: Bluetooth-MP3 module (DPRB-600M) or module bracket (MB-50) for receiver (SDR-8200/8100M IrDA/DWR-5410M) modules.
  • 2-band equalizer (BASS / TREBLE) for music inputs.
  • XLR/6.3mm combo jack connectors for microphone input.
  • LINE IN (RCA L/R jack).
  • LINE OUT (RCA L/R jack) for external audio recording.
  • ACTIVE OUT (XLR jack) for audio linking
  • SPEAKER OUT (6.3mm jack) for an external 8Ω passive speaker.
  • Integrated retractable handle and wheels for easy portability.
Max power output 200W, 4Ω load (class-D)
Speaker system 10" 3-way full range
Frequency response 50Hz-20KHz±3dB
T.H.D. < 0.5%
Audio input MIC in (Ø6.3mm/XLR COMBO),
Audio output LINE out (RCA L/R),
External speaker 4~8Ω (Ø6.3mm)
Power supply 100-240V AC, 30-32V DC / 4A
Battery Lead-Acid (12V / 5Ah) x2
Operating time 5-6 hours in music, >10 hours in speech
Charging time about 6 hours
Dimensions (mm) 350 x 300 x 500
Weight (kg) 17.7

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